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Training in the Monastry of Puig Santa Maria

Kung Fu / Beaches Holiday training

Monastry Puig Maria Puig Santa Maria is a small hill top monastry in pollenca town. There is no road access to the monastry - access is a 40 minute walk by foot. This is a weeks White Crane Kung Fu training coupled with beach excursions and evening adventures.  

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There will be 2 days during the week with no training ( i.e. we shall train 5 days over the week ). The monastry is a on a fantastic hilltop location with views over the bays of pollenca and alcudia, and over the old town on pollenca.  

 The fortified building offers hot showers, a reasonably priced restaurant and bar which is open from morning until nighttime, a large medieval dining hall and simple but charming acommodation 



Monastry Puig Maria

Daily Schedule

7:00 AM  - 8:30 AM training.
8:30 AM  - 9:00 AM breakfast break.
9:00 AM - 11:30 AM training.
11:30 AM - 3:00 PM Luch / Siesta
3:00 PM Beach trip
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM training ( optional on beach or in monastry )

A detailed course content is given here

The monastry is on top of a small mountain with amazing views over the north coast of mallorca. To get from the monastry to the town is a half an hour walk over a road and cobbled path.

Training in the evening will be optional - either additional forms training, or free push hands sessions concentrating on particular aspects of the principles of white crane kung fu. There will be 2 days during the week with no training ( i.e. we shall train 5 days over the week ). In additional evening training may be on the beach. 

It is anticipated that every afternoon there will be a beach excursion, and that we shall return in the evening to the monastry to eat. 

The monastry has an excellent restaurant but also large self catering facilities ( a real wood fire ) in a medieval

Pollenca town is a beautiful old town set away from the coast. The Port of Pollenca is a 10 minute bus ride from the town. Afternoon excursions will be either by car or by bus. 

Training at monastry

We train in the first part of the day in the main courtyard of the monastry. This part of the courtyard is out of the direct sunlight until 11:30 in the morning. The training is in the White Crane system from the Ong Gong Shr Wu Shu Guan as taught in Yong Chun in Fujian China from the Pan family lineage. More information about this system can be found here.

The training is broken down into 5 parts:

  • Conditioning ( internal / external body, not aerobic )
  • Forms ( Xsing / Tau Lun / Kata )
  • Applications
  • Drills
  • Large Stick work
A pdf of the first level course content in full is given here .

The course is also driven by the input of the students therefore if you have a particular interest please let un know and we will explore that area from the perspective of the white crane system. An example of this might be a particular form, or more in depth 2 man stick exercises.

training training training monastry
training training training monastry

Area virtual tour

Use the following awesome map to explore the monastry and surrounding area. Be sure to check out the full screen button on the panoramic photograph.

Mallorca tour provided by Panoramic Earth. All rights reserved.


There are a variety of accommodation options available at the monastry. There are a limited number of double rooms which can be shared or taken by and individual for a room suppliment. Other rooms sleep 3 or 4 people. It is possible to take a 3 person room with twin beds and only have 2 people in it. Sheets and blankets are provided by the monasty. The rooms are simple but comfortable. There are many shady outdoor areas of the monastry for relaxing, reading , drawing or drinking.

The rooms are allocated on a first book first choose perspective. Although the Summers are hot, the monastry is made of medieval stone work and keeps quite cool internally. When you reserve a course, please specify your room requirement.


There is a very reasonably priced restaurant in the monastry with a bar. There are also self catering facilities in the form of a large communual kitchen. Food can be bought from the supermarket in pollenca. The kitchen has an open fire in the Summer which can be used for barbequeing. The fire will be lit and available every evening.

On the first and last evening we provide a large evening meal. Breakfast in the restaurant costs around 5 EU depending on what you have. It is possible to have your own breakfast away from the restaurant.

Transport / Afternoons

Transport will be provided from the bottom of the monastry to which ever beach we are visiting and back. This will also include a stop at the supermarket in the evening. You will have to carry whatever food you buy ( for dinner and the next day lunch ) up to the monastry for the next day. For exploring the island on your own, the other options are to catch public busses from Pollenca, or hire a car, moped or push bike. To get from the bottom of the hill to the beach by push bike as a 10 minute cyle ride.

We will lead excursions to some of the best and little known beaches on the north coast.


470EU Price includes
  • 5 days training
  • 7 nights accommodation *
  • Daily beach excursions
  • Transfer to and from airport to monastry
  • First and last night meal
* assumes shared room with at least one person. Single room suppliment is 60EU for the week.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to get in contact.




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